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An Odyssey of Song

Musical Journey into your Creative Heart

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Have you ever wanted to sing, play the guitar or express more of the unique spark that you are? This practical and playful adventure will guide readers, especially aspiring musicians on a hero’s journey into their creative hearts. Through character sketching, songwriting activities, and voice play, readers will learn to write the lyrics and compose the music to their own autobiographical journey that I call your Odyssey Song. This empowering experience will help readers learn to love themselves into wholeness by confronting their critic perfectionist as they learn to love their authentic voice and their unique expression that I call “your song”.

Book Review

“An Odyssey of Song” is a healing workbook that helped me tap into my creativity and self-expression. Every chapter includes encouraging words and exercises that help readers on a path toward a greater depth of self-acceptance and creative recovery.

Tracy Shawn, Amazon Customer

More importantly, this book has helped me to focus on the joy I feel when I produce creative work. These feelings of joy have been key to helping me tap into lots of creative energy. For example, I recently put together a small home recording studio, composed a song for piano and guitar, and had that song published at major streaming sites. The speed and ease of creating this work would not have been possible without the ideas in this book. Highly Recommended!

Miguel Trujillo, Safety Engineer and Budding Musical Artist

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About the Author

Emily Yurcheshen

Emily Yurcheshen is a songstress, music teacher, and Rock Your Dreams coach who models for her clients and students how to find and express their musical essence and manifest their deepest creative dreams. As a child, Emily loved to sing and dance with her dad but never imagined she would be a musician and published author. Working through deep shame, a conniving critic and paralyzing perfectionist, she transformed from her performance anxiety into confidence not only writes, records, and performs her own music, but she guides people around the globe on how to use music to manifest miracles.

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