An Odyssey of Song

Musical Journey into your Creative Heart

Background music: Odyssey by Emily Yurcheshen

Have a dream to write, play, sing, or publish music, but something is holding you back? Through creative play, this practical guide will help you manifest your musical dreams; and teach you how to love and honor your authentic voice. The creative play includes songwriting activities, character sketching, and voice work. Break through your insecurities and stage fright to face your critic and perfectionist. By the end of this “learn-by-doing” journey, you will move into musical success according to your own goals and desires. Once you make this investment in yourself, this emotional and spiritual program will transform you and give you the tools and confidence to express your creativity in new and exciting ways.


“The voice is a healing tool and our unique imprint on the world. The more you learn to love the sound of your voice, the more you honor your unique song”.
“A piano student struggled to play “Moonlight Sonata”. Frustrated, he didn’t understand why he continued to make mistakes. I asked him if anyone had ever criticized him as a child. He said he had an uncle who made fun of him and gave him the nickname “Ting,” for the quiet timid way he would “ting, ting” on the guitar. This sounds a bit ironic from a man who is over six feet tall, 240 pounds. I knew right away this response signaled creative child abuse. Those seemingly harmless words indicated a much deeper emotional bruise.”

“In order to be creative and truly ourselves, we have to be willing to be the fool.”

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