The Find Your Song Video Course accompanies the Odyssey of Song Book, a Musical Journey into your Creative Heart. Each video gives you an archetype or character to focus on an activity to help you along your hero’s journey to discovering the unique music inside of you. I call this process Finding Your Song. This 12 video series is $1,440 and includes 12 half-hour online coaching sessions with the purchase of the course.


Many of our first tunes come from the sound of our mother’s voice as she would sing us to sleep at night. Well this is the ideal, but many of us struggle with hearing melodies to songs because we don’t have the memory of this experience. When the creative child within you begins to wake up, just like when you are born, you cry. We need to discover a way to comfort this innocent part of you, so that you can nurture yourself as you traverse your creative path. In this video, you learn how to connect with the mother within you and write a lullaby to your inner child. You will also learn some simple ways to care for your creative child as this part of you begins to communicate more to you your deepest dreams.

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